2019 Thematic Program (I)

Analytic Grothendieck Riemann Roch Theorem and More


March 26-27, 2019

W303  School of Mathematics, Sichuan University

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Xiang Tang (Washington University in St. Louis)


Class I: Analytic Grothendieck Riemann Roch Theorem

In this talk, we will introduce an interesting index problem naturally associated to the Arveson-Douglas conjecture in functional analysis. This index problem is a  generalization of the classical Toeplitz index theorem, and connects to many different branches of Mathematics. In particular, it can be viewed as an analytic version of the Grothendieck Riemann Roch theorem. This is joint work with R. Douglas,M. Jabbari, and G. Yu.

Class II: Hochschild Homology of Proper Lie Groupoids

Hochschild homology provides the algebraic model for  differential forms. In this talk, we will report our recent study of Hochschild homology of proper Lie groupoids. This is joint work with M. Pflaum, and H. Posthuma. 


An-Min Li (Chair) (Sichuan University)

Bohui Chen (Sichuan University)

Xiaojun Chen (Sichuan University)

Farkhod Eshmatov (Sichuan University)

Wenchuan Hu (Sichuan University)

Raphael Ponge (Sichuan University)


Natural Science Foundation of China

School of Mathematics, Sichuan University

Tianyuan Mathematical Center in Southwest China


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