Scientific Committee

The scientific committee of TMCSC consists of domestic experts in mathematics,  the members from the Tianyuan Foundation andthe supporting institutions. It duty is to decide the academic activities of the center, give advices on the developments of the center, and play an active role in the determination of the thematic programs.

This scientific committee consists of the following people:

Director: Yiming LONG(Nankai University)
Vice director: Jie WANG (Peking University)

Anmin LI (Sichuan University)
Members:  Fuquan FANG (Capital Normal University)

Song JIANG (Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics

Jiayu LI (University of Science and Technology of China)

Jianshu LI (Zhejiang University)

Kening LV (Sichuan University)

Maokang LUO (Sichuan University)

Zhiming MA (Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Liangang PENG (Sichuan University)

Shige PENG (Shandong University)

Yongbin RUAN (Zhejiang University)

Lan WEN(Peking University)

Nanhua XI (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Xiangdong YE (University of Science and Technology of China)

Jiaan YAN(Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Xinmin YANG (Chongqing Normal University)

Yaxiang YUAN (Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Jiping ZHANG(Peking University)

Weinian ZHANG (Sichuan University)

Xu ZHANG (Sichuan University)

Bin ZHAO (Shaanxi Normal University)

Xiangyu ZHOU (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Secretary: Weinian ZHANG (Sichuan University)