Background & Purpose


Tianyuan Mathematics Fund was established in 1990, for the purpose of pursuing China to become a strong mathematical power in the world. After 30 years of development, with the joint effort of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the members of the Scientific Committee and all Chinese mathematicians, Tianyuan Mathematics Fund has played an important role in making development programs of mathematical sciences, fostering young mathematicians and improving the academic environments for mathematicians, etc., and has made great contributions to the rapid development of Chinese mathematics.

Tianyuan Mathematical Center in Southwest China (TMCSC) was established on December 28, 2017, as one of the three centers (the other two are located in Northeast and Northwest China). It is located in and run by Sichuan University, joint with the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Southwest Jiaotong University, Chongqing University, Southwest University, Chongqing Normal University, Yunnan University, Guizhou University , Tibet University and Guangxi University.

With the successful experience from international mathematical institutes, TMCSC will focus on the frontiers of pure mathematics and organize various academic activities supported by Tianyuan Fund, mostly in the form of advanced minicourses and workshops as well as collaborative researches. We hope to foster many young mathematicians in all mathematical fields, promote high-level collaborative researches, and obtain a series of world-wide mathematical achievements in the center. With all our efforts, we hope TMCSC will become a center for exchanging, communication and collaboration for mathematicians from all over the world.