Executive Committee

The executive committee of TMCSC consists of mathematicians from Southwest China. Its duty is to execute the decisions of the academic committee, to be in charge the daily operations of the center, and to communicate and collaborate with the universities and institutions in Southwest China. The director of the executive committee is responsible for all the activities of TMCSC as well as the approval of the applications of visits and collaborative researches. 

The executive committee consists of the following people:


An-Min Li (Sichuan University)

Vice director:

Xinmin Yang (Chongqing Normal University) Weinian Zhang (Sichuan University)
Members:  Bohui Chen (Sichuan University) Bin Hu (Sichuan University)

Han Yang(Southwest Jiaotong University) Chunlai Mu (Chongqing University)

Chunlei Tang (Southwest University) Niansheng Tang (Yunnan University)

Liwei Xu (University of Electronic Science and Hui Yang (Guizhou University)

Technology of China) Niansheng Tang (Yunnan University)

Yinbin Deng(Guangxi University)


Zeng Lian (Sichuan University)