Optimal Control Computation for Nonlinear Switched Systems

报告题目:Optimal Control Computation for Nonlinear Switched Systems

报告专家:Kok Lay Teo(Curtin University,Sunway University)





     Switched systems operate by switching among various modes or subsystems.   This talk considers optimal control problems governed by nonlinear switched   systems in which the mode dynamics are described by nonlinear differential   equations. A computational method for computing the optimal control for this   optimal control problem is presented. This computational method is based on   some key ideas in optimal control computation, which include control   parameterization, time-scaling transformation, and the constraint   transcription method. Two real world practical examples are discussed.

(In collaboration with Chongyang Liu and Zhaohui Gong, Ryan Loxton, Bin Li, Changjun Yu, Qun Lin, Bingo Ling)



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