The Einstein-Bogomol’nyi metrics on Riemann sphere

报告题目:The Einstein-Bogomol’nyi metrics on Riemann sphere


报告时间:2023年3月8日  14:00-15:00


报告摘要:Einstein-Bogomol’nyi metrics, which physically models the Cosmic Strings, solves the Einstein’s Fields Equation coupled with an Abelian gauge field and a Higgs field.  In this talk, I will present a general existence theorem for Einstein-Bogomol’nyi metrics on Riemann sphere. I will also discuss the behaviors of the metrics as the volume approaches the lower bound and infinity respectively. Part of this talk is based on the joint work with Garcia-Fernandez and Pingali.

专家简介:姚成建,上海科技大学助理教授。主要研究方向是流形上各种类型的几何结构。相关成果发表在Duke Math. J.、Mathematische Annalen等国际知名杂志上。