2018 Thematic Program (III)

Program on Complex Geometry IMT-SCU


October 15-21, 2018

W303  School of Mathematics, Sichuan University

We are starting a cooperation between the Institut de Mathematiques de Toulouse (IMT, Toulouse, France) and the Mathematics Department of Sichuan University (Chengdu, China). A first joint event is planned in Chengdu. It consists of a school (two minicourses), followed by a workshop (10 lectures), thematically oriented towards complex geometry.

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ORGANIZING committee

Bohui Chen (Sichuan University)

Xiaojun Chen (Sichuan University)

Yuxin Ge (Institut de Mathematiques de Toulouse)

Li Sheng (Sichuan University)

Scientific COMMITTEE

Jean-Pierre Demailly (French Academy of Sciences)

Vincent Guedj (Institut de Mathematiques de Toulouse)

An-Min Li (Sichuan University)

Xiangyu Zhou (Chinese Academy of Sciences)


ANR GRACK project

Institut de Mathematiques de Toulouse

Sichuan University

Tianyuan Fund for Mathematics